Technical Communication Resources for ECE 2031

Additional information will be added here as semester-specific assignments are released.


ECE 2031, Digital Design Laboratory, is the first of several writing intensive courses within the curriculum. Through a semester-long series of lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises, students are called upon to understand the design and implementation of digital systems, CAD tools, project design methodologies, logic synthesis, and assembly language programming.

The class is co-taught by Dr. Tom Collins (technical component) and Kevin Johnson (writing component) who collaborate to create innovative, discipline-appropriate writing assignments. Lab summaries, formal lab reports, design proposals, team design reports, and industry-style email reports are among the types of writing assignments required in the course. Several out-of-class writing workshops are offered throughout the semester to students who are interested in small group instruction.

Lab reports

Lab Report Evaluation Sheet
Attach this after the check-off sheet and before the results.

Lab Report Grading Rubric and Examples
Description of how lab reports are graded, with examples of good and bad results.

Lab Report Content Requirements
What to include in each week's report.

Example of lab report
This shows the order that the check-off sheet, evaluation sheet, and lab results should be in, as well as provides an example of what lab reports look like.

General information

Main UPCP site

This site hosts information about the UPCP, including other classes, the writing studio hours, and GTA office hours.

GTA lab slides

This is the presentation given by GTAs in the first week of lab.

Intro to Communication Slides

This is the presentation given in the third week of lecture.