The Digital Design Laboratory


The DDL (Digital Design Laboratory) is an educational facility of the School of Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech. It supports ECE 2031 every semester, as well as a recent honors course, ECE 2883 HPC.

Common to all coursework associated with the DDL is an emphasis on hardware design aspects. There are other courses that use existing processors and high-level programming languages. The DDL prepares students for building a variety of digital devices, including processors. We support students who later become computer architects or chip designers, but more broadly our mission is to make engineers and computer scientists comfortable with both interfacing in the digital realm and creating special-purpose digital devices of their own.

Also, we are a close collaborator with the Undergraduate Professional Communication Program, because good design done in isolation will only remain in isolation. Students get the opportunity to hone their writing and presentation skills, as well as participate in collaborative social networks.